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Hey, do you want to come and live in Sulphur? It's a charming little town north of Nowhere.

We really need new inhabitants. We're in a bit of a demographic crisis. Citizens keep disappearing, and we simply can't find new ones fast enough to replace the ones we lose.

What happens to them? How would I know? If you're really curious, you'll just have to investigate yourself!


Sulphur is a painted and hand-animated MMORPG. It's entirely free and can be played in any modern browser.

The story is set in a modern but fantastic world, in which witches sell zombies and alchemists will change your silver necklace into gold for a few bucks.

Play as a magician, martial artist or shadow and find out what happened to Sulphur's citizens!


sulphur-win32-x64.zip 109 MB

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